Thursday, January 12, 2017

things I'll be doing in 2017

Perhaps a little late joining the bandwagon huh? It's already 2 weeks into January and I'm only talking about what I look forward to the new year today.

I got to say, 2017 has been rather great so far. I've had a change in my form teacher to someone who is always distracted by his students so that's pretty amusing. My favourite YouTube couple got engaged so my faith in love is restored once again. And I really missed my friends and I'm glad I got to meet some of them a couple of times already.

I thought I'd better take a new approach to 2017 this year. Every single year I look back and always think that I haven't achieved my resolutions that I've set out to do. But I never give myself enough credit for I have improved tremendously over the span of a few years. I am now much more self-motivated to learning and I try to foster greater appreciation for whatever I study.

This year is my 'A' Level year. And studies take precedence over everything. It's quite saddening but I'd really like to enter my college of choice, and hopefully garner a scholarship on the way. What I'm currently aiming for is habitual based. What I work on first will eventually be carried over throughout the year (and hopefully in my life). Essentially, I'm not setting goals per se.

I know that time and yet again I fail to achieve what I initially set out to do because I don't really come up with an action plan to follow through, and I give up pretty easily.

While I admit that this may yet be a failure once again, I'd like to give myself a boost of motivation, even if it's just for a few days (I'm taking the 'A' Levels after all). These are the habits I'd like to implement throughout the year. I will update this post regularly as I embark on a new habit. The ones I'm working on will be bolded. This list is also not complete because I can't usually think of habits on the spot so coolios.

  • read subreddits every morning while drying hair (sunday: history | monday: technology | tuesday: human rights | wednesday: media | thursday: education | friday: environment | saturday: politics)
  • wake up at 5am, sleep by 9:30pm
  • blogilates at 5:30am
  • blog every tuesday and friday

The plan aside, if there has to be one concrete resolution I must have that'll last the entire year, I'd like it to be: plan for the following day the night before.

I have always aspired to do this on the regular, but never got round to doing it for some strange reason. I mean all I have to do is take a pen and write down whatever I plan on embarking the next day.

I'll be using an a habits remider application to set reminders and such. I hope that with new found clarity, and with the environment to my advantage, this would be a resolution I can finally say I managed to keep.

Cheers to 2017. Please don't take away any of my friends this year.

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