Saturday, December 17, 2016

XPharm + Let's Code

I think I have a problem with signing up for stuff -- I very clearly overcommit.

Anyway, XPharm Camp is over and done with. I guess I can safely say that I won't be going into Pharmacy for my University studies. My OG wasn't that cool (our og colour is orange and our animal is a cat, I mean come on) but oh well.

Kinda missed quite a large portion of the camp cause I wasn't exactly feeling well. But whatever the other lab session I managed to go to was quite cool I guess. Also, the people were alright and really sweet tbh. They mostly were innocent little children who chuckled a 'lil too hard whenever someone shared sexual jokes. 

But in all honesty, it was a rather awkward camp with varying personalities that didn't seem to have sufficient time to evolve into proper friendships I guess. Sigh.

I must admit that during the practical sessions, it sparked reminiscence of my time in Chemical Engineering hahaha.

And on that note, I really miss all my poly friends. ChE kids, Hyron Weirdos, and my fellows at PACE, plus a couple of others. I should really arrange meetups with y'all pretty soon. And maybe some of my secondary school friends as well. 

The holidays so far seem to be suffocating. I also (stupidly) signed up for another programme called "Let's Code" which is basically several coding over the course of 3 weeks or so. I'm lagging really behind compared to the rest of the cohort due to my commitments. 

But coding is really really fun and challenging I'm still really excited and I really wanna study it in uni heh. 

I am so tired I still haven't had time to study anything and I'm worried about how horrendous and stressful the following year will be.

I also hope need to blog more it's the only time I am 100% sane to blog more.

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